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1. General 条款And Conditions
2. 拍卖会 条款And Conditions
3. 门房 条款And Conditions

1. General 条款And Conditions
通过使用和/或访问www.luxurytraveldiary.com(我们的‘website’, ‘site’, ‘luxurytraveldiary’, ‘luxurytraveldiary.com’),由Luxury 旅行 Diary Limited(‘Luxury 旅行 Diary’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’), 您 (‘your’, ‘yourself’, ‘visitor’, ‘user’, ‘bidder’, ‘winner’, ‘customer’, ‘guest’),并同意受以下条款和条件的约束(‘Terms of Use’), and the terms and conditions of 豪华旅行日记’s 隐私政策 incorporated herein by reference. If 您 do not agree to any of these terms, please refrain from using the 豪华旅行.com 网站.

Luxury 旅行 is a trading name of 豪华旅行日记 Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under registration number 9272966. Our registered address is 28 Fourth Avenue, Brighton, BN3 2PJ, Great Britain, United Kingdom.

A 游客 agrees to be bound by subsequent revisions to this Agreement after the posting of the revisions on this page. Accordingly, 您 should periodically visit this page to review the current terms of this Agreement.

豪华旅行日记 provides a broad range of hotel, destination and product reviews. We also host proprietary online 拍卖会,(‘ 拍卖会’, ‘auctions’, ‘auction’) and a 礼宾服务 ,(‘豪华旅行日记礼宾服务’, ‘豪华旅行日记礼宾’). From time to time 豪华旅行日记 will extend the range of services it has to offer and these will be found on the 网站.

豪华旅行日记 will not be liable to a 游客 or any third party for any loss or damage however caused, (whether direct or indirect, incidental or consequential), resulting from the use of 我们的 网站.


豪华旅行日记 will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the temporary interruption of the 现场 due to faults or circumstances outside 我们的 control. Accordingly, 豪华旅行日记 does not undertake that the 网站 will operate continuously.

豪华旅行日记 is not responsible for any information distributed by other 用户s of 我们的 网站 or for the actions or behaviour of any other 用户.

豪华旅行日记 may terminate a 游客s access to any part or all of the service and any related service(s) at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately for any reason whatsoever.

A 游客 accepts that they are solely responsible for evaluating any goods or services offered by 豪华旅行日记 or by third parties via the 网站 and that 豪华旅行日记 will not be party to or in any way responsible for any transactions between a 游客 and third parties.

Certain links on 我们的 网站 lead to 网站s located on servers maintained by independent third parties over whom 豪华旅行日记 has no control. Accordingly, 豪华旅行日记 cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any of the material contained on those 网站s; nor does 豪华旅行日记 accept responsibility for the availability of those 网站s.

Where 豪华旅行日记 contains advertising and other material submitted by third parties, please note that those advertisers are responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on 我们的 网站 complies with all legal requirements. 豪华旅行日记 does not accept liability in respect of any such advertisements.


豪华旅行日记 is a journalistic 网站. We do not offer financial advice, it is the responsibility of a 用户 to ensure that any product is right for their circumstances. Recommendations are based on the ability to earn miles and points. 豪华旅行日记 does not consider interest rates or impact on 您r credit history.

To use some of the services or features made available to 您 on 我们的 网站 您 will need to register. When 您 register, 您 are required to provide information about 您rself that is true, accurate, current, and complete in all respects. We may also change registration requirements from time to time.

The account password 您 provide should be unique and kept secure, and 您 must notify 豪华旅行日记 immediately of any breach of security or unauthorised use of 您r account.

Please refer to 我们的 隐私政策 for information about how we use 您r data.

Each 游客 acknowledges that the content of the 豪华旅行日记 现场, which includes but is not limited to, images and reviews are protected by copyright and 游客s are not entitled to copy or reproduce or distribute any of the content without the express permission of 豪华旅行日记.

Each 游客 acknowledges that in addition to copyright, there are also trademarks and other intellectual property rights in and relating to the Service which is owned by 豪华旅行日记 and 我们的 partners and which are not to be used without express permission.

We will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to comply with 我们的 obligations under these conditions if the delay or failure arises from any cause which is beyond 我们的 reasonable control. This condition does not affect 您r statutory rights.

残障人士& Medical Problems


All 来宾s booking with 豪华旅行日记 门房 or using booking a stay due to winning a 豪华旅行日记 拍卖, are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and acceptable manner and not to disrupt the enjoyment of other 来宾s.



We cannot be held responsible for the actions or behaviour of other 来宾s or individuals who have no connection with 您r booking arrangements or with us.

访问者同意,他或她使用本服务的风险自负。对于因使用或无法使用本网站而导致的任何直接,间接,偶发或后果性损失,Luxury 旅行 Diary不承担任何合同,侵权(包括过失)或其他责任。这些条款和条件均不限制豪华旅行日记’因豪华旅行日记而导致的死亡或人身伤害责任’的疏忽。每个访问者同意,由访问者下载的任何材料和/或数据完全由其自己承担风险,并且每个访问者将对下载任何此类材料的后果承担全部责任。

对于通过电子邮件,电话或luxurytraveldiary.com进行的酒店或游轮预订查询而直接或以其他方式传达的与我们礼宾有关的错误或未能收到信息,Luxury 旅行 Diary概不负责,包括但不限于:由以下原因引起的错误或故障:(i)任何连接中断; (ii)我们的网站出现故障或出现问题;和/或(iii)任何互联网连接,计算机,移动设备或系统出现故障或出现问题。 豪华旅行日记不承担因无法使用我们的礼宾服务或与此活动有关的错误或遗漏的责任。

对于与我们的在线拍卖有关的,任何能够访问luxurytraveldiary.com的设备上发生的竞标错误或执行失败,Luxury 旅行 Diary不承担任何责任,包括但不限于由于以下原因引起的错误或失败:连接到仅在线销售; (ii)在线竞标软件出现故障或出现问题;和/或(iii)任何互联网连接,计算机,移动设备或系统出现故障或出现问题。在线和移动互联网出价的执行是一项免费服务,Luxury 旅行 Diary不承担因无法访问竞标网站或执行在线或移动互联网出价或与此活动相关的错误或遗漏的责任。

豪华旅行日记仅充当拍卖赢家和相关拍卖项目提供者之间的中介。一旦中标人支付了拍卖品的费用,Luxury 旅行 Diary将履行其与拍卖有关的义务(包括但不限于:使拍卖获胜者与拍卖品提供者联系;将凭证或积分转交给拍卖获胜者;运输实物),一旦履行了此义务,拍卖中标者同意Luxury 旅行 Diary对任何行动,事件或其他事件不再承担任何责任或承担任何责任关于特定拍卖品。



豪华旅行日记 will not be held responsible for any failure to meet any obligation which we have under these terms and conditions, which is caused by circumstances beyond 我们的 reasonable control. Including, but is not limited to strikes, lock-outs, disease, fire, flood, natural disasters, war, armed conflict, terrorist attack and nuclear and chemical contamination.

每位访客,豪华旅行日记本礼宾客户,豪华旅行日记本拍卖奖得主以及豪华旅行日记本礼宾客户/豪华旅行日记本拍卖获奖者的客人均同意赔偿豪华旅行日记本可能产生的所有责任,索赔和费用避免他们违反这些条款和条件以及Luxury 旅行 Diary因访问者导致的第三方提出的任何索赔,诉讼或诉讼而引起的任何责任索赔和费用’服务的使用。

对于任何拍卖品,Luxury 旅行 Diary对拍卖优胜者概不负责。对于旅行物品引起的死亡,疾病,疾病,残疾或人身伤害,Luxury 旅行 Diary不承担任何责任。这包括但不限于酒店住宿/别墅住宿/野生动物园度假/航空公司航班/度假旅行/度假经历/餐厅用餐。每个获奖者和获奖者的客人自行承担其逗留和/或获奖经历的风险。


豪华旅行日记 门房 不是预订或预订的任何旅游产品或服务的提供者,因此不提供任何形式的明示或暗示,法定或其他形式的保证,包括但不限于可用性,满意度,适销性或其他任何保证。适合特定目的。前述内容不影响适用法律无法排除或限制的任何保证。

如果本合同的任何条款被判定为非法,不合理或无法执行,则其余条款和条件将继续适用。 豪华旅行日记在执行本合同项下的权利方面的任何延误均不会损害或限制其权利,任何此类权利的放弃都不视为对任何其他权利的放弃或以后的任何违约。

These terms and conditions will be governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Each 游客 and 豪华旅行日记 agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

2. 拍卖会 条款And Conditions
Luxury 旅行 Online 拍卖会 are a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest 投标人 wholly run and administered by 豪华旅行日记 Limited.

These Online 拍卖会 条款And Conditions, together with 我们的 general terms and conditions and 隐私政策 apply to bidding on goods or property made available for sale within 我们的 拍卖会. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they set out 我们的 respective rights and obligations.

If 您 do not agree to any of these terms, please refrain from using 豪华旅行日记’s Online 拍卖会 .

A 投标人 must be 18 years or over to participate the online 拍卖会 offered by 豪华旅行日记.


用户同意以大英镑拍卖豪华旅行日记的费用,(‘GBP’, ‘Pounds Sterling’) only. An 拍卖’s highest bid may be converted from 英镑, into alternative currencies and displayed by relevant pages on 我们的 网站. Luxury 旅行 makes no guarantee that these conversions are accurate. At any time, (including but not limited to during and after bidding), the conversions displayed by 豪华旅行日记 do not represent the amount that will be charged in any particular currency, listed or otherwise, for any 豪华旅行日记 拍卖 whatsoever.

除非另有说明,否则物品可以转让,但不能转售。转售使相关拍卖项目无效。 豪华旅行日记保留撤回使用我们怀疑可能已立即转移以获得货币收益的任何物品的权利,恕不另行通知。其他条款和条件可能适用,并将显示在每个拍卖项目页面上。


The record of an 拍卖 sale (which are 豪华旅行日记’s records relating to the 拍卖 sale), will be taken as absolute and final in all disputes. In the event of a discrepancy between 豪华旅行日记 and any online records or messages provided to a 投标人 and the record of sale, the record of the sale will govern.

豪华旅行日记 reserves the right, at 我们的 complete discretion, to withdraw any lot from sale or extend the end date / duration of any lot for sale, whether before or during the 拍卖, with no prior notice and shall have no liability whatsoever with regard to such withdrawal or extension.

A 投标人 is responsible for any additional taxes, fees and charges incurred during 您r accommodation stay/airline flight/tour/service experience or delivery of an 拍卖 item to any destination unless otherwise stated.

All bids are contractually binding. By bidding a 投标人 agrees to 我们的 条款Of Use and any specific terms described by the individual 拍卖. When registering to bid, a 投标人 accepts that in making a bid, they are accepting personal liability to pay the purchase price and all applicable taxes, plus all other applicable charges.

提交投标书后,投标人接受并同意所有投标书均为最终投标书,并且在任何情况下都不允许其修改,撤回或撤销投标书。 豪华旅行日记对任何投标人的投标错误概不负责。 豪华旅行日记保留重新启动拍卖或对任何特定拍卖项目重新开始竞标的权利,如果它认为这样做是适当和合理的。

豪华旅行日记保留根据我们的绝对酌情决定权拒绝投标竞标;拒绝,撤销或拒绝接受任何投标;撤回或分割任何拍卖品;结合任何两个或多个拍卖品;或者,无论在销售期间或之后,重新开始或继续竞标。 豪华旅行日记还保留禁用或停用竞标者的权利’销售期间任何时候的注册帐户。


Payment for all 拍卖 items must be made by the winning 投标人, no more than 48 hours after the applicable 拍卖 ends. Winning 投标人s must pay for their 拍卖 item using Paypal. Failure to do so is likely to result in the 拍卖 item being re-listed.

When deemed appropriate by 豪华旅行日记 a refund may be given regarding an 拍卖 item. Refunds will be made in 英镑. We will not make allowances for fluctuations in any currency between the time of sale and refund, nor will we pay any fees incurred issuing a refund, in relation but not limited to currency conversion.

在竞标之前,所有竞标者必须充分阅读适用于奖品的条款,条件和日期,以确保奖品适合他们的需求。豪华旅行日记对不必要的奖品或错误购买概不负责。如果中奖者有充分的理由无法利用他们的奖品,并在拍卖结束后30天内通知《豪华旅行日记》,我们将努力重新拍卖该奖品。如果我们能够重新拍卖该奖项,则将为获奖者提供信用,可用于将来的《豪华旅行日记》拍卖–请注意:Luxury 旅行 Diary有权自行决定收取至少10%的管理费。

3. 门房 条款And Conditions

The 豪华旅行日记 门房 , is a luxury travel advisory and booking service wholly owned by 豪华旅行日记 Limited.

These 门房 条款And Conditions, together with 我们的 general terms and conditions and 隐私政策 以及我们在确认您的预订之前引起您注意的任何其他书面信息,请通过豪华旅行日记礼宾进行预订。请仔细阅读这些预订条款和条件,因为它们阐明了我们各自的权利和义务。在这些预订条件中,“you” and “your”包括预订中的第一个名字的人,以及代表预订转移的所有人。

If 您 do not agree to any of these terms, please refrain from using 豪华旅行日记 门房 .

A 用户 must be 18 years or over to use the 礼宾服务 offered by 豪华旅行日记.

豪华旅行日记与由Virtuoso旅行社TravelEdge(IATA 05732134)托管的Sojourn Flights旅行社合作担任预订代理,仅针对酒店和游轮预订,我们已尽力明确规定了您的义务尽可能在下面。 豪华旅行日记 门房 进行的酒店和游轮预订将直接通过酒店/游轮公司进行,或者通过Sabre或ADX 旅行 Edge预订系统进行。所有的航班查询和预订均由Sojourn航班提供服务,该公司是一家完全独立的公司,并不属于Luxury 旅行 Diary。 豪华旅行日记对仅由Sojourn航班进行的任何建议,报价或预订不承担任何法律责任。

豪华旅行日记 门房 与Sojourn Flights旅行社合作担任预订代理,该旅行社由Virtuoso旅行社TravelEdge(IATA 05732134)托管,代表您预订酒店和游轮。预订时,您是通过豪华旅行日记礼宾与酒店或邮轮公司订立合同,而不是与豪华旅行日记礼宾本身订立合同。作为合作伙伴,我们对酒店/游轮公司的作为或不作为或酒店/游轮公司提供的服务概不负责。酒店或邮轮公司的条款&条件将适用于您的预订,我们建议您仔细阅读这些内容,因为它们确实包含有关您的预订的重要信息。如果您没有这些副本,请向我们索取。

By booking with 豪华旅行日记 hosted by 旅行 Edge California, 您 agree to 我们的 豪华旅行日记 terms and conditions.

豪华旅行日记 门房 会为您建议的酒店或游轮住宿发送报价,当您对它们满意时,他们会发送最终行程以及安全的付款链接。此时,您(客户)有责任彻底仔细检查所有详细信息(包括但不限于:姓名,日期,优惠,房型和价格),以及您入住的总财务金额为。输入您的付款详细信息之前,请先更正。如果有任何需要调整的事项,您(客户)有责任立即告知豪华旅行日记礼宾。


为了您的安全,在线付款是通过酒店,邮轮或分别通过ADX 旅行 Edge安全付款系统设置的第三方安全服务器进行的。对于所有预订,豪华旅行日记礼宾都会使用一个信用卡号,该信用卡号会安全地转发到酒店或邮轮公司,或者输入到我们的ADX 旅行 Edge安全付款系统中,以确保您的预订。 豪华旅行日记从不存储任何信用卡信息。

由于安全问题和顾虑,Luxury 旅行 Diary绝不建议通过电子邮件完整发送信用卡详细信息。我们始终建议用户在预订时与我们的礼宾联系发送的ADX 旅行 Edge安全付款链接中输入付款详细信息。如果用户选择通过ADX 旅行 Edge安全付款链接以外的任何方式发送信用卡详细信息,尽管我们会尽力确保您的详细信息安全,但Luxury 旅行 Diary不对所提供的任何信用卡详细信息的安全性负责。

Any advance deposits, additional fees or charges will always be clearly marked before 您 make 您r booking. Once paid, these deposit payments, additional charges and fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.



所有货币换算仅在预订当日有效。费用由酒店/邮轮公司的酒店/邮轮公司支付’s local currency and may be subject to exchange-rate fluctuations (depending on the date charged) and charges from 您r bank or credit card issuer for which we have no liability.


饭店或邮轮公司的修正案& Cancellation Policy
If 您 wish to amend or cancel a confirmed booking, 您 must contact us. Amendments and cancellations can only be accepted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the hotel or cruise line. In all cases, once the booking is confirmed, 您 are subject to the terms and conditions of that hotel or cruise line’s cancellation policy.

酒店或邮轮公司的取消政策可能会在办理入住手续之前规定一段取消时间,在此期间取消需要支付取消费。该时间段不包括到达日期-例如,“ 24小时”的取消政策意味着必须在酒店或邮轮公司至少提前24小时取消预订’s规定在入住前一天的入住时间以避免罚款。任何取消都必须尽快通过电子邮件发送给豪华旅行日记礼宾团队,或者直接联系相关酒店或乘船游览。


Any changes to a booking that involve the addition of sequential nights to a stay will be considered an amendment to the original booking, regardless of whether the extra nights are booked by the person who made the original booking, or by another 来宾 with whom they are staying.

We will inform 您 as soon as reasonably possible if the hotel or cruise line needs to make a significant change to 您r confirmed booking or to cancel. We will also liaise between 您 and the hotel or cruise line in relation to any alternative arrangements offered by the hotel or cruise line but we will have no further liability to 您.

价格准确性& Descriptions

对于因酒店/游轮公司造成的预订或价格错误或遗漏,或由于任何类型的系统故障而导致的豪华旅行日记礼宾服务,概不负责。 豪华旅行日记 门房 保留随时修改广告价格的权利。 豪华旅行日记 门房 还保留更正广告价格和确认价格中的错误的权利。请注意:有时会发生更改和错误。您必须在预订时检查所选安排的价格。

We do 我们的 utmost to ensure all 豪华旅行日记 门房 hotel and cruise line information is accurate, however hotel / cruise line facilities may change at any time and any opinions expressed are subjective.

您与酒店/邮轮公司签订合同,并遵守其条款和条件。作为由Virtuoso旅行社TravelEdge(IATA 05732134)托管的Sojourn Flights旅行社的合作伙伴,豪华旅行日记礼宾部对该安排的实际提供不承担任何责任。我们的责任仅限于按照您的指示进行预订。对于我们真诚地传递给您的有关安排的任何信息,我们不承担任何责任。但是,如果发现我们对您承担任何责任,则我们对您的最大责任限于我们在您的预订中赚取的佣金的两倍(如果不是每个预订者都承担相应的比例,则为受影响)。我们不排除或限制由于我们的疏忽或任何雇员在工作过程中所造成的死亡或人身伤害的责任。

Exclusive 豪华旅行日记 门房 Deals & Offers


If 您 still wish to complain when 您 return home, 您 can contact us and we will liaise between 您 and the hotel / cruise line in order to try to resolve 您r complaint. Please note that we do this as part of 我们的 顾客 service to 您 and as a gesture of goodwill only. We do not accept responsibility for dealing with complaints, nor do we have any liability for refunds or compensation.

签证,护照& Health Requirements
It is 您r own responsibility to ensure compliance with immigration, visa and health requirements. Unless 您 tell us otherwise, we are entitled to assume that all members of 您r party hold or will hold full passports valid for the entire duration of the arrangements 您 chose to book.

We strongly recommended 您 check the up to date position with the supplier for immigration and visa requirements, as well as checking with the Passport Office, appropriate embassy or consulate and 您r doctor as applicable in good time before departure.

预订责任& Information
2. He/she consents to 豪华旅行日记 门房 ’s use of information in accordance with 我们的 隐私政策;

特别要求& Requirements
If 您 have any special requests (for example dietary requirements, cots or room location), please let us know at the time of booking. We will pass on all such requests to the supplier, but we can’t guarantee that they will be met and we will have no liability to 您 if they are not.



信息& Price Accuracy

住宿等级& Standards
All ratings are as provided by the relevant supplier and these may differ from the official ratings. These are intended to give a guide to the services and facilities 您 should expect from 您r accommodation. Standards and ratings may vary between countries, as well as between suppliers. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any ratings given.



独家酒店/游轮优惠& Perks
豪华旅行日记礼宾部客户可能有资格享受独家酒店/游轮优惠和特权。 豪华旅行日记 门房 独家酒店/游轮优惠和特权是酒店/游轮为通过豪华旅行日记礼宾网站和代理商预订酒店/游轮的任何人提供的额外服务。豪华旅行日记礼宾部独家提供酒店/游轮优惠和特权,例如提早入住,延迟退房,水疗/食品和饮料折扣,VIP礼物,免费住宿,减价或其他在特定时期提供的特殊优惠,只能通过豪华旅行日记礼宾网站和代理商进行预订。请注意,豪华旅行日记礼宾部独有的酒店/游轮优惠和特权可能无法与其他任何酒店/游轮优惠,交易或折扣一并使用,请查看每项优惠的详细信息。所有豪华旅行日记礼宾专属酒店/游轮优惠,特权和优惠均视情况而定。参与向“豪华旅行日记礼宾”提供优惠的任何酒店/游轮必须同意视情况而定兑现优惠,特权和优惠。

服务变更或条款修改& Conditions

Should 您 have any questions please don’t hesitate to 保持联系。

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